The Beatitudes Community

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The Beatitudes Community is one of the "new communities" born in the Catholic Church following the second Vatican Council and as part of the charismatic renewal movement. The community gathers together faithful of all states of life (families, single people, priests, consecrated brothers and sisters...) who desire to share a life of fraternal communion and prayer which is also marked by numerous apostolic and missionary activities.

From the Beatitudes Community's initiation have been born, over the course of time, diverse apostolates. The apostolates overflow from the community's life of prayer and fraternal communion and take multiple visages according the Church's many calls: works of compassion, evangelisation, formation, aiding development, running of sanctuaries etc.

Born in 1973 in France, through the initiative of two married couples, the Beatitudes Community is today an international reality, spread over all five continents. At first recognised by the Church at a diocesan level, the community was established as an International Private Association of the Faithful for lay people on the 8th of december 2002. The community has recently revised its statutes and was established as a Public Association of the Faithful under diocesan authority on the 29th of June 2011. This change aims to better consider the specific nature of each state of life. Thus the community is situated in the heart of the universal church and is enrooted in the local church in each of the different dioceses that host one of the community houses.

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